Building Better Dogs One Run at a Time

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Get the training required to take area shelter dogs out for a run.

Learn how to keep dogs safe and healthy in this one of a kind training

Support our mission to help sheltered, adoptable dogs



We run with passion


"Thank you for starting this program as it has truly changed so many of our lives. You are making a difference for SO many dogs and humans. This group inspires me to keep running and has brought me some of the most amazing friends!"

~Nicole Meyer


I am very thankful for you and your guidance, and for the opportunity RunningDog has given me to spend time with the dogs. We help them as much as they help us  

~ Stacey Beacher


I never would have gotten to experience the joy of running shelter dogs had I not seen some RDRs at a race with their shirts and adoptable dogs! It sparked an interest for me and I’m so glad I joined! What a great community!

~ Monica Linkowski

Dogs with Dog Walker

MISSION and Vision

Our mission is to help keep kenneled adoptable dogs physically active, mentally stimulated, and emotionally balanced while they wait for their new homes.

Our vision is to create a community of certified volunteers that engage in meaningful interactions and adventures with shelter dogs. We aim to improve the lives of shelter dogs and provide relief for animal shelter staff.



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